Sherlock Falls [A Table Top Adventure]

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Sherlock Falls [A Table Top Adventure]

Postby Theo Walker » Mon May 20, 2013 11:19 pm

[Okay. I'm hoping I get a decent collection of people to join in on the table top idea I have. Maybe this will blow up in my face, but damn'it, I'm bored. I'm soooooo bored. I know we said we weren't going to continue with FH when the game ended, but why not see how this goes. Maybe it won't work out, maybe it will. In the end, though, we put a lot of work into the Home. Why not see if we can still continue some of the stories.

Also, I haven't written anything in a while. Be kind.]

__ __ __

Tammy Briton remembered she had loved the rain at one point. She would sit for hours as it rained, letting the prattling of the raindrops hitting the roof smother out the screaming from her parents. Her brother Philly would sometimes join her in these little meditation, making up little raps for her to the beat of Mother Nature. The rain had always been an escape for her. It had always been safe.

Yet, much like her home situation, the rain had changed. It had turned into something to fear when she was living in the streets. It turned annoying when accompanied by lightning at the Home when the power would be shut off unexpectedly. And tonight, tonight the rain had turned deadly. Or at least the situation in the rain had.

Tammy ran through the down pour, body soaked and hair sticking to the front of her face. Behind her she could hear the hooting and hollering of her pursuers, their voice growing closer with each stumbling step. The Home was more than a few blocks away -- Mook territory only a block. Yet, that voice in the back of her head continued to taunt her.

You're going to die tonight.

She tried to ignore the voice -- like all the characters in the stories she read. She tried to be brave like Harriet the Spy -- yet Harriet had never stumbled upon a mystery like she had. Harriet hadn't fallen right into danger. Harriet wasn't stupid... she wasn't ever truly alone.

Like Tammy was.

She felt water string her eyes as pushed herself forward. Maybe it was the rain, maybe tears. Regardless, she continued through the pain and shaking limbs, trying her best to just continue moving.

Something snapped past her ear -- a rock from a sling -- and shattered the nearby street lamp. She let out a shriek as the glass rained down on her and the shadows enveloped her. Her foot caught the side of the curb awkwardly, twisted painfully, and she fell, smashing her face against the cobblestone beneath her.

She tried blinking through the confusion, willing her body to just keep moving. Fear had taken hold, though, and it glued her into place. She tried reaching out to take hold of a nearby shard of glass -- anything, really -- to protect herself with.

She was too slow.

A heavy boot came down on top of her back smashing her face back into the ground. The world turned from dark to white, her mind barely registering the kicks and punches being delivered to her body. Spit hit the side of her face and a collection of voices were heard shouting down at her -- incomprehensible voices.

"Put your nose where it didn't -"

"Going to make you bleed you little -"

"Making sure we keep a good thing from being ruined - "

Then someone fired a tommy gun.

__ __ __

"Cut with the gunfire, Mel! Christ, what were they beating up? A midget?"

"Jesus -- Louis, I think this is a kid."

"Shit... Double shit. Look at her bracelet. She's one of the Home kids."

"Boss is going to have our heads for this. She alive?"

"She ain't going to be for long if we don't haul her ass to the docs."

{Basic gist of this story. Tammy Briton is currently being treated at Cutter's Clinic. She's in a coma and her chances for making it through are about 50/50. According to the faculty (they are only really telling the Order children) she was found by some Mooks outside of their territory. They didn't get a good look at the people because of the darkness.]
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Re: Sherlock Falls [A Table Top Adventure]

Postby Theo Walker » Tue May 21, 2013 1:44 pm

Theo Walker's mask lit up as he placed the welding torch to the metal, the sparks from it dancing around his form as he welded the bar to the window. Her heard a few gasps from behind him -- the Luddite brats -- but tried his best to ignore them. He had grown used to their utter fascination with anything 'tech'.

"Mister Walker - "

"No," he shouted over his shoulder, shutting down the Ginny's question before it could even begin. He knew what she wanted -- they all wanted. Ever since they had discovered Lucas and him welding new bars on the first floor windows, it had become an utter fascination -- even beating out spending their well earned quarters on the Defender game in the commons.

It wasn't like Theo didn't get why they were bugging him. Hell, him volunteering with welding the windows was in the same league as their fascination. They all wanted a distraction. He frowned to himself as he stopped his torch, tapping a gloved finger against the cooling metal a few times for good measure before reapplying the torch.

Father Henri's had always been a safe haven after Loogie had been killed. It had its up and down, sure, but it was their home and home was meant to be safe. And yet, here they were again.

It had been hard for a lot of the kids, especially those of the Order, when Jonesy was lost in the Rikti attack. Even with Arachnos hassling them about how they were able to defend themselves, the kids had plenty of time to focus on the shit they weren't used too -- like mortality. And just when it was starting to get better...

Theo winced, shut the torch off, and took a step back. The mask was able to block the sparks but did nothing for the smell of burned ozone and metal. He stood there, eyeing his work. The Luddite brats moved closer, as well, crowding behind him to get a better look at the job's finish.

"A fine job, Mister Walker!" he heard one of them chime in.

"Scram, brats," was his response. He waved them off, and like birds in the wind, they scattered. He heard them giggle as they raced each other to every which direction of the playground -- and maybe he would have smiled if the day hadn't started out so bad.

Another kid didn't look like they were going to make it.

And again, there was nothing Theo could do about it.
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Postby Jake Mason » Sun May 26, 2013 10:47 am

Dunking the basketball was not exactly new to Jake or any of the kids around him. His head didn't hit the rim yet, but he'd started ducking around it just like doorways. Every once in a while, a quick dunk worked like a call-back to an old joke they shared. It was always accompanied by a bit of comically exaggerated outrage at his 'cheating' and occasionally a slightly heated debate over who 'got' him. That was usually enough to keep him from performing that particular trick again for a while.

Jake was keenly aware of this as he approached the makeshift court. But it was May. May was a time of desperation in the youngling world, desperation for the kids as well as the people trying to contain them. Everyone could feel Summer in their bones and its promise of (small) freedom. Schaeffer's class was fast approaching the point of full-scale revolt. And there was Tammy. As if May wasn't enough, now the kids were dealing with a tension that many of them didn't know how to process. Jonesey had been quick, a clean break. It hurt like all get out, but it was a definite loss against a clearly defined 'bad guy'. One things orphans knew was loss, and every child knew Rikti were the bad guys. Tammy's lingering, the faint hope of full recovery, and the fear of whatever put her there were another monster entirely. They were all wound up like spring-loaded dynamite. Some kind of explosion was inevitable, but there was no telling where, when, or in which direction.

"Alright, guys!" Jake announced when he hit the court, loud enough for the whole playground. "Who's up for a dunk-off?" That got the expected eye rolls. Jake mimed shock. "No one? No takers? Well fine, what if I make it more... interesting?"

They were starting to drift his way, which was a predictable thing. He was, after all, huge and loud. "Like how?" Robbie called, always ready to jump into one of Jake's games.

"Like how about I can only use my feet, no hands?" That got 'em. In seconds he had a dozen volunteers. "Alright, alright! Hang on a sec. All of you versus me. I know it's never going to happen, but what if - if - you beat me?"

He was answered by as many yelled suggestions as there were kids on the court, a number growing all the time. Everything from ice cream and pizza to no more school ever. He looked as thoughtful as he could, carefully considering each option, until he heard one that was actually doable. It kind of sucked that he had no way of giving them most of the prizes they called out. There! Perfect, but he'd have to play it off right.

"Whoa!" He held his hands out over the mob, signaling for quiet, a look of shocked disbelief painted on his face. "What'd you say, Max?" The boy practically glowed - literally - when every eye turned to him and his mouth clammed shut. "Did you say," Jake offered, "I have to shave my head?"

Max nodded while the others picked up on the apparent fear in Jake's eyes and started to chant: "Shave! It! Shave! It!" It was perfect. Jake had a lot of hair and he notoriously took good care of it. Everyone had seen his bottles - separate bottles with a brand name on them and everything! - of shampoo and conditioner. He didn't necessarily mind buzzing it off, especially with Summer on top of them, but no one had to know that part.

"Fine!" He called at last. "Fine. If you win... I go bald." It took thirty seconds for the cheering to die down.

The kids went first. Most of the attempts were long shots to say the least, but every one of them was egged on by a crowd of screaming supporters. After the first dozen volunteers had gone, the line waiting to try was actually longer than it had been at the start. The crowd favorite was when two girls tried to team up, one on the other's shoulders. Jake nearly had a heart attack, but miraculously no one got hurt and the crowd ate it up. There were several successful lay-ups, no dunks.

Last came Jake. "With my feet, right?"

He cleared out a wide space and looked at the ball, apparently puzzled. He experimented briefly with holding it between his feet and jumping awkwardly, to the riotous laughter of his audience. Just as he was about to admit defeat, he was struck with an idea. He carefully placed the ball between his feet, planted his hands on the ground, and lifted his legs up into the air. Schaeffer's training, annoying as it had been in the beginning, was paying off in big ways - no pun intended. As he walked casually on his hands toward the basket, the kids forgot they were supposed to be cheering against him. At the rim, Jake leaned his calves against the rim and let the ball fall through. He barely got his feet to the ground before he was swarmed.

For a moment, the awful tension in the air was gone, forgotten.

"Wait a minute!" Robbie's voice cut through the clamor. He faced down Jake with the devil's grin splitting his face. "You said, 'No hands'!"

Jake looked down at his dirty palms while the chanting resumed, louder than before.

"Shave it! Shave it! Shave it! Shave it!"
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Re: Sherlock Falls [A Table Top Adventure]

Postby Amery Hayes » Sun Jun 16, 2013 4:01 am

It was too much. All of it. First Jones then the future and where will you go what will you do and it piled up until she couldn't walk without tripping over herself. Amery wrapped herself in her routine, Saturdays visiting Hank and Tuesdays Sunny and Sundays nothing anymore but that was okay. Training and the cafeteria and sometimes sitting with Theo or sometimes Lucas if he waved to her or the cats if everything was too loud, too much. When that didn't work she could always curl up between the paws of a gargoyle on the roof until she could handle being again. Or wedge herself into the corner platform in the subway if no one was training. Or behind that crate, the bigger one that didn't smell as weird and wasn't in Sunny's way. The third time she showed up unexpected, he stopped asking why.

She could handle it.

And then there was Tammy. Tammy would have been so easy to carry.


"Miss Hayes."

Anasi found her in the hall again. It was easy, probably. Everyone was in the hall eventually. Amery froze.

"I..." She could leave, maybe. "It's Saturday. We--"

"I'm aware you have an appointment. Now you have a mission as well." Anasi offered a few folded bills toward Amery, waiting until she accepted them. "Find a vendor of your choice. Buy something for that cat of yours if you like, but get change."

"I..." Amery passed the bills from hand to hand. "I can't." Anasi waited, still as ever. It wasn't a good enough answer. It didn't explain all the half-completed transactions, people distracted and forgetting until she took something and left, leaving some money behind. Or not. It was easier not to. She tried again. "People forget me."

"I have every confidence that, if you felt it was urgent, you would find a way to leave an impression. This is not urgent. Evaluate the situation and your resources. Don't waste effort." Amery stared at the bills, searching for some hint. "Who are you meeting?" Anasi prompted.

Amery could see Lucas, talking, singing, always moving, always loud, even his gestures too loud sometimes to follow. Everyone saw Lucas. "Lucas can help." A nod. The right answer, maybe. "Okay." Amery tucked the bills into a pocket. She could do that.

"Before you go, Miss Hayes." Amery looked up again, focused on the lapel of Anasi's jacket, always the same day after day. Predictable. Today it was enough. "You are in no way responsible for Miss Briton's condition."

Amery started to respond, hesitated, reconsidered. "I know."

"Good. Enjoy your afternoon."

Amery waited until Anasi turned and left before teleporting to the gates. She had an appointment.
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Re: Sherlock Falls [A Table Top Adventure]

Postby Theo Walker » Thu Aug 07, 2014 11:22 am

[Just because I hate not putting a finish on something...

Basically, what happened was the group found out, via RP over Google Chat, that Tammy was investigating something fishy happening at an underground roller derby. The crew investigated a few leads which led them first to Mind's Eye Detective Agency where they met Roach Copeland, Diya Behari, and Cassandra Finch. After being chased off, they continued their investigation until they found out that Tammy had been following Diya to the underground games.

Diya Behair (or The Di-Stroyer) was facing off with her team against a new group. Both groups were comprised of mutants, but the new group seemed stronger and faster (And far more deadlier). After the tournament, the kids found out that the other group had injected themselves with a serum. It made you stronger, faster, and healed your body to an almost miraculous degree... however, it was highly addictive and after a few doses, your body couldn't function without it.

During this time, Tammy's condition was getting worse. She was starting to bleed in her head, and Cutter couldn't stop it. She was seizing badly, and since the destruction of the kid's medical transporter, Cutter had no ability to help her via technological means. The only thing that -could- be done was to get this drug. Cutter told the kids that if Tammy received a minor dose, then she'd be able to heal enough without her body becoming dependent on the substance.

... And this is where the story sat. Which is my fault - Roll20 is a decent system but a few problems arose. The system isn't perfect, we couldn't find a good system I felt comfortable with, and we had a few people who would say they'd be showing up but vanish. So, after a few months, I wiped my hands of this.

So, what happened? Well, I'll take control of the PCs for a second. Petra, Amery, Julia, and Remy snuck into the locker room during the next game. Remy was able to smooth talk his way through a player who discovered them while they snuck into the back of the stadium. She seemed to think his hat was 'cute' (to Julia's chagrin!) and gave him her number. While in the back, the group looked through the lockers until they heard the team was coming back. Apparently, the other team decided to forfeit instead of being destroyed. Amery is able to get two people out via teleporting but Petra is stuck. She presses herself against the metal pipes over head and tries to wait it out.

By the time the last person leaves the room, it's late. Amery and the crew teleport back to collect Petra. The group is also able to find a vial of the serum in a locker. As they escape via the abandoned stadium, the power dampener comes on. They can use their powers save for a few (Long distance teleportation mainly so the group couldn't run away!). The bad druggy team was waiting for them!

At this point, this was going to be a fight. The players couldn't run so they would have to fight the roller blading mutants! They would have won, of course, and then ran back to Cutter's Clinic. Tammy would have been administered the drug, and by the time the group returned the next day (or woken up if they opted to stay the night), they would have found Tammy's condition improved.

It would take months for Tammy to be back on her feet, but by the time two months rolled around, she was back to her old investigator ways. All is well! All is well! All is well!)
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