The People of Fifth and Main

Fifth and Main - the neighborhood the Home resides in and our role-playing coalition. Information on the neighborhood and the people who live there.

The People of Fifth and Main

Postby Petra Martin » Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:09 am

The people of Fifth and Main are generally a humble and hardworking group. Most of them are surviving comfortably, and are able to splurge on minor luxuries such as the dollar theater or a slice of pie at Ed's Diner. It's a diverse group of people, both in terms of ethnicity and personality.

NPCs in this section can be used freely in fiction and RP. Characters with linked profiles are PCs played by other people in the game, and can be referenced in passing or sought out for in-game RP.

Minh and Lien Phan - The husband and wife proprietors of Phan’s Bakery. Minh handles the baking while Lien, who’s mostly blind these days, keeps the books and works the front of the shop. They are an elderly couple with no children in the Isles. While some newcomers think the kindly couple would be an easy target to scam some sweets off of, Lien runs a tight shop, and makes sure her husband only bakes as much as they can reasonably sell within a day or two. While they will cut a deal for the wards sometimes, there never seems to be any day-old bread for even the most pitiable ward to take back.

Alfred “Al” Roche - Co-owner of LT’s, and the only manager ever seen by the people of the neighborhood. Al cuts an imposing figure as a large, muscular Black man with a shaved head. His presence is usually enough to keep the rough and tumble clientele of LT’s in line. He has a sense of refinement about him, however, for those that get to know him that implies bartending hasn’t always been his main line of work. And when the Mooks come around looking to make arrangements for “rent,” Al is nowhere to be found, leaving negotiations up to one of his other bar tenders.

Brother Asher - The neighborhood’s token “creepy religious guy” who spends his days handing out pamphlets for his “church” that may not actually exist out of Brother Asher’s head. His teaching’s are considered weird by Scientologists and Luddites alike. He wears fancy, if faded, clothes under his trusty trenchcoat, rain or shine, and is an all around intense guy.

Timmy and Tammy Fontaine - Lead fry cook and lead waitress at Ed’s Diner. A middle age couple with seven kids between them (both of them were married before), they love children almost as much as they love each other. Unlike some of their co-workers who just barely tolerate the wards, the Fontaine’s find ways to slip the kids a stale piece of pie, or an order that was “sent back” to the kitchen and would otherwise be thrown out.

Benny Kato - Owner and operator of his Movieplex. Tries to keep up a tough front, but has been known to let his guard down for a select kid or two.

Lucky Lindy Esposito - This shady woman runs the neighborhood pawn shop. She’s generally avoided by the locals, seen as a scam artist at best, and a doublecrossing snitch at worst. No one says a bad word about her publicly, however, for fear of word getting back to whoever it is that is allowing her to stay in business despite the lack of customers.

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