Nicholas 'Darwin' Sharp - Lone Wolf/Bully

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Nicholas 'Darwin' Sharp - Lone Wolf/Bully

Postby Theo Walker » Fri Mar 23, 2012 6:37 pm

Nicholas Sharp

Known alias(es):

Order Member/Bully

Nicholas Sharp has the ability to adapt to any meta-human ability that is around him - be it mutant or magic. His body's adaption is different from person to person. While one fire-user might cause Darwin to suddenly turn into water, another fire user will simply find that he's unable to create a flame around Darwin.

As for punches, bullets, and other deadly weapons in the Isles, Darwin is as vulnerable as the next human. However, it seems someone took it upon themselves to teach Darwin how to fight - how to fight very well.

Physical Description:
Darwin is big, strong, and has a glare locked onto his face. With hair that are usually in dreads and a face that show signs of abuse, Darwin is not someone who will be winning any beauty contests anytime soon.

Criminal History:
Assault, Breaking and Entering, Theft, Trespassing, Assaulting an Officer

Darwin had the unfortunate luck to being born at Henri's Home when the Family were running things. So, ever since he was old enough to be put to work, he was out working long hours with meager food and rest time. He saw the abuse the Family did to the kids and experienced it all first hand. For nine years.

Needless to say, Darwin is one of the kids that is considered 'broken'. He is one of the children who were put through too much for too long that something will always be different about them.

Darwin has seen the injustice of the Isles, and when O'Connely found the boy was a meta-human, he was trained to be a weapon against those of the Isles. He was the first to ever be trained by O'Connely and it shows. However, the boy has shown he's incapable of working with a team and so he's trained privately. He is not sent on missions with others of the Order. In truth, it's assumed that he isn't even aware of who the other students are that know of the Order.

Darwin is effective if not extreme during his missions. He seems to revel in causing pain to those he thinks deserves it.

Time will only tell if O'Connely made a hero or the next menace to the Isles.
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Re: Nicholas 'Darwin' Sharp - Lone Wolf/Bully

Postby Theo Walker » Thu Aug 07, 2014 12:40 pm


Nicholas 'Darwin' Sharp left Father Gerard Henri's Home for Wayward Youth shortly after he turned 18 years old. However, this only allowed for a few weeks of celebration before Darwin returned to the Home not as a ward but as a supervisor. Father O'Connely made an announcement that Darwin's mentorship at the local boxing ring provided him with the knowledge needed for him to become the physical education instructor that the Home had been in desperate need of.

Mister Sharp, as he prefers to be called now, provides physical education to the wards. While students can opt out of his class in order to take Miss Anasi's dance class, the remaining students are expected to join Mister Sharp for physical education every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. While Father O'Connely stated that the activities in the class would be varied, Mister Sharp's only activity to this date has been dodge ball. No rules. No mercy.

While this has bolstered the number of students in Anasi's dance class, a decent amount of children seem to thrive on the dangerous sport. Miki and Junso Hu, twins, seem to be a deadly combo team that have left many kids with broken noses and black eyes. Requests to split the two up during game play has only been met with Mister Sharp's laughter.
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