The Homeless Network

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The Homeless Network

Postby Theo Walker » Thu Aug 16, 2012 4:49 pm

They are ignored. Unseen. Forgotten. People who have lost everything, so much so that others have lost interest in their eyes and ears. They are in the alleyways of the Isles when deals are whispered. They are sleeping in the abandoned buildings where hostages are stored. They see everything. Hear everything.

They are the Homeless.

What is the Homeless Network?

For those in the Home, running every day patrols has usually consisted of the wards getting a set of missions from a faculty NPC. They are either sent out to get medical supplies or help out those who are close to the Home. Yet, isn't there more to being a hero than simple survival? Surely, if O'Connely wishes for his wards to become heroes for the Isles, they need to start putting themselves out there. Yet, who to trust? Who to go to in order to find out who to save or what to take back for the Etoile people?

The Homeless Network. It began when Recluse first came to power, and since that day, more and more have joined the flock. These individuals are those who have been tossed to the side and forgotten. They are the security guards who couldn't run without a limp due to that meta robbing the bank. They are the school teacher who lost her entire class (along with half her face) to the flames of the Hellions. They are the unfortunate people who would have been able to get back on their feet if they were living in Paragon City. Here though? They are left on the streets to starve, beg, and eventually die.

But they do have their uses.

The Homeless Network isn't run by an individual. Honestly, no one knows who began it or how it caught on so quickly. All they know is the end result. Those looking to do good on the Isles have the ability to find work by talking with a few of the huddled masses. While some of the homeless have tried to make a quick buck by selling out the heroes looking to help Etoile, they don't last long. The Homeless Network's only power is their ability to guide heroes to a mission. They make sure that someone else's greed doesn't take that power away.

How the Homeless Network Functions:

No one is the head of the Network. No one person runs everything -- or so most believe at least. The Homeless Network's only records are held in the heads of its people. This isn't to say they aren't organized in some fashion. It seems that they have a highly advanced form of gossip. When one mission is completed or a new bit of information is heard, word seems to travel fast. People whisper to each other at soup kitchens or payphones along the Isles ring loudly in the night. Very rarely does a hero find that the 'situation' has been dealt with already by the time he gets to the mission.

Chances are if someone in the Network alerts a hero of a mission, it has yet to be completed.


Theo Walker, Desmond Cane, and Julia Davis are out in Port Oakes. The faculty hasn't had any missions for them to do for quite some time and the trio are going a bit stir crazy. Finally, unable to just get their 'hero fix' from training in the back of the Home, they head out. Theo approaches a few people in the alleyway, mumbles a few words to a homeless woman, and then steps back.

The trio watch as the woman limps over to the trashcan fire, share a few words, and then she comes back. She offers up a strip of paper to the boy, an address written on it.

"Skulls took Mister Harris hostage. He used to give us his old bread. This is where he is at."

Theo, Desmond, and Julia thank the woman before heading off towards the address. They have a baker to save!


The Network isn't made up of anyone powerful. However, some have theorized that they do have some sort of collective psionic energy that binds them. This energy could be the reason why those of the Network know when to talk to people and when not. It might also be the reason why people seem to be able to overlook them so easily if they aren't what the Network needs. Of course, all this could also be explained with sociological essays and natural occurrences in human nature. Yet, the fact that the Homeless Network remains, and remains strong, seems to be a touch magical.

How do I use the Homeless Network?

Well, that depends on how much time you want to spend. If you are just running patrols, it can be assumed that every time you open you newspaper to get a villain mission that you're actually gossiping quickly with a nearby homeless member. Or, if you want, you can actually take the time to talk to the NPCs that are scattered throughout the Isles. Regardless of what you choose, it's just an IC reason why you know where to look when you are in search of 'heroics.'

How does O'Connely and the Home feel about the Homeless Network?

O'Connely has always been a touch of a control freak, and the fact that the Homeless Network is something he can't control entirely makes for an odd relationship. While O'Connely doesn't ban any ward from using the Homeless Network, he will never suggest it. If a Network's mission goes poorly for the ward and someone is hurt, he will be the first to say that this is why the wards shouldn't use the Network. However, when push comes to shove, O'Connely will begrudgingly admit that they do have their uses and it's good for the wards to have a contact that they can partially trust.

As for the other faculty, they all seem to fall in between embracing it fully or just feeling rather neutral about it. Douglas Barren is the most vocal of his support of the group with Anasi being a close second.

For now, the Homeless Network is a helpful tool to the Home. And the Home's monthly donations of food, blankets, and clothing helps keep this commodity talking.
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