Father Henri Home for Wayward Youth (from now on referred to as FH) is a CoX roleplaying group. We play teenagers who are just starting out on their story of heroism and explore together the bumpy road that is growing up.

What we are looking for in applicants are teenage (14-18) characters that aren’t larger than life. We want players who strive to be excellent communicators, respectful community members, and individuals who are both interested in telling their character’s stories along with assisting telling the overall group’s story. For more detail on the group’s role playing philosophy, as well as details about what we’re looking for in players and characters, keep reading!

Attitude and Respect

All members, including Officers, are expected to be respectful to each other. What this entails is being kind while communicating OOCly to each other. While we understand the need to vent (about real life, another player, a game mechanic), if this ‘venting’ becomes a permanent tone, the officers will speak to the offending party (or, in the event the officers are at fault, a member should feel free to bring it up with them).

We love drama! However, we do not like dramatic players. We want everyone to realize that this is a game we are playing and, while we expect everyone to play within our constructed reality, shouldn’t be something to cause stress, anger, or tantrums.

Relationship RP

On the topic of drama, we are not looking for melodramatic RP. No, we don’t want to deal with teen pregnancy. No we don’t care to hear about your recent break up. No, we don’t care if Jessie kissed Dawson by any creek.

We love romance. Love? Kissing? The time it takes to woo an individual? The magic! It’s exciting, isn’t it? So, yes, we are fine if your character and another falls in love or dates. However, what we don’t want this group to turn into is a bastion for relationship RP. When the group is online and group RP is occurring, we expect you to be involved with the group. Yes, we don’t mind the occasion private moment with your significant other, but if it seems you are spending more time with them than the group, we’ll have to speak with you.

Romance is fun but some people wish to take it to the next level by bringing sex into the picture. Keep in mind we are all playing teenagers so some people aren’t comfortable at all with sexual activities within the group. We’re not going to sit around to police people, but this group is not about eRP nor do I want anything dealing with that front and center. Whatever you do in private, fine, but do not bring it to our boards or RP.

In short, we want your RP to be PG-13 when in a group. Violence and cursing can dip into the R range however be mindful of this, as well. We’re not looking to ruin anybody’s fun on either end of the sex/violence spectrum, so keep private activities private and should someone ask that the language or violence be toned down a notch, accept the feedback gracefully. We know sometimes this is all a matter of taste, but we’re all adults here and should be able to react respectfully.


We believe everyone in a group should have a chance to shine in an adventure. Think of this as a game of Dungeons and Dragons. We want warriors to fight the goblins, thieves to sneak by the goblins, wizards to fire-bomb the goblins, and priests to heal the wounds caused by goblins. We do not want one character who can fill in all these roles!

Characters are expected to not be ‘Epic’. We’re not looking for fallen angels or ninja assassins trained by the greatest teachers. We’re not looking for people who are so powerful that even the teachers can’t hold them back. We’re not looking for characters who are dimension jumpers or own their own moon base.

We are looking for normal teenagers who happen to have unusual abilities. These characters are still coming to terms with their powers. They’ve might have faced hard times in Millennium City and know with their budding powers they’ll face more trials to come.

No inserting Superman into our X-Men. We all should have the ability to tell our story and help others tell theirs.


We want to see logic behind why your character can do what they can do. Don’t throw a hodge-podge of abilities together and just say ‘magic.’ Explain to us why your mutant/magic/abilities can do the things they do. In short, make your character logical and make us understand that logic. We’ll work with you to fit whatever you have so it works with our scope.


For every action there is to be an equal or greater reaction. This is the scientific way of saying that we expect you to accept consequences for your character’s actions. If you character sets another team member on fire because of a petty reason, expect for the faculty to react in a realistic way: Arresting you. While we encourage players to come up with their own consequences (we don’t want to be RP cops), if we feel that something was significant, we’ll approach you. This should be seen as us simply assisting with your story, however, and not bossing you around.

If an event you’d like to explore could have a consequence that may expand beyond just your character’s experience, bring it up with an Officer first so we can make sure the action and consequences stay within the scope of the group as well as maintaining a cohesive environment for everyone. This means we’ll probably veto outright your character idea of a sleeper agent who is actually assigned to assassinate every member of FH, but we’d love to figure out if that shadowy person from your character’s past might be a recurring ally or foe for our young rogues to meet.

We want realism in this joint storytelling session. We’ll work together to make that happen.


Time moves as it does in real life. Your character will age. If they are sixteen on March 12, 2014, they will be seventeen on March 12, 2015. Once your character hits 18, begin wrapping up their story because Junior PRIMUS is an organization for youth. Not adult

As for the time of day, we prefer to wonky-time it. We do function OOCly more so on a US Eastern (UTC -5) time frame, however do not view this as the IC time. Night time is around night time, morning time is around morning time in game. No need for us to be specific if we can help it.


Being a member of FH requires participation in two ways – in the game, and on our forum. Participation in the forums includes posting short stories related to your character, joining in our interactive RP threads, and making suggestions for future in-game activities for the group. We have no minimum playtime/post requirements; we simply want to have plenty of opportunities to get to know your character. If you often are unable to meet up with us during our scheduled group RP nights, we expect to see you posting more on the forums so we know a) you’re still interested in us and b) how to react in-character if and when we do see you!

We do understand that Real Life trumps the game, of course. Just let us know in the forums if you’re going to be away for awhile; we’ll leave the light on for you.

Membership and Rank

When your character is initially accepted to the group, you will be considered a probationary member. This doesn’t mean we think any less of you! You’re welcome to contribute to the group with activity ideas and jump right in to RP in the game. It’s merely a month-long period of time where we get a feel for each other.

At the end of that month, if the officers feel you fit in well with the group and you have had fun with us, you will be promoted to full member. From here, everyone is on equal footing, save for the single leader who listens to the input of the members to make decisions. However, at the end of the day, the leader should be trusted with his decision.

We have a limited number of officers at any given time. From time to time, members may be poked to help with Officer duties. This will range from helping create group-wide activities to helping with some of the boring OOC stuff that comes with every group. So, members will be temporarily given Officer status.

However, Officerhood should not be a goal. It is not a title nor a rank. It is an obligation. Yes, there is an Officer forum that is hidden from the populace. However, know that this forum is not to be used constantly. It is to store applications or to discuss future story ideas.

It is our hope that we can make everything in this group as transparent as possible.