Father Gerard Henri’s Home for Wayward Youth was founded the 1960s, in memory of the 18th century Jesuit priest. The Home’s mission, as far as public records are concerned, is to serve as a vocational school for orphaned and abandoned children. These children, who have no resources or family to call their own, are taken in by the Home and taught basic life skills as well as a vocational skill to give them a chance at making decent lives for themselves once they turn 18 and age out of the system.

In reality, the headmaster of the home is former soldier Father Michael O’Connely. O’Connely came to the Rogue Isles in the name of cleaning up the rampant villainy, but found that to be an insurmountable task. Instead he has set his eye on the next generation, carefully guiding the children into becoming productive adults and not just another gang statistic. As for the metahuman children that come into his care, he’s begun teaching them how to control and use their powers to improve the lives of citizens in the Rogue Isles.

Due to the lawless nature of the Isles, these children rarely become heroes in the traditional sense. Instead they grow up to become a motley crew of rogues and vigilantes, always trying to do what is right, but bending – or breaking – any rules that may get in their way.

Playing in Father Henri’s Home

The Order
All player characters are older teenagers (14-18) with abilities that lend themselves well to “crime fighting.” These characters train under Father O’Connely and the other adults who staff the Home to use their powers for the greater good of the Isles and their residents. In character, membership in the Order is highly secretive. Characters do not have to hide their superpowers, but are trained to use restraint and avoid advertising their differences. The “normal” children in the Home are aware there are metahuman children in their midst, but are in the dark about The Order. People we interact with outside the Home may or may not know of your character’s powers – that is left up to the individual player to decide – but again, caution is emphasized.

Power Levels
The Father Henri’s Villains Group is designed to be a low-powered group with a strong “realistic” bent. We are playing teenagers who have usually had, at best, just a few years to learn what their powers are and exert any kind of control over them, leaving plenty of room for future growth in these powers. A character who controls magnetism isn’t strong enough to lift a submarine out of the water, and one who controls plants can’t make a rain forest grow in the desert.


Regarding realism and powers, we’re also looking for power sets that make sense when put together. The game allows you to play a Beast Master/Storm Summoning Mastermind, but we want to know why that combination showed up in one person.

For more details on our setting, please check out the Setting section of our forum.